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October 6, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – Welcome to the first edition of the weekly news panorama.

In this kind of articles, AtoZ Markets brings you a brief of the most important news the digital assets’ market witnessed within a week. Cryptocurrency exchanges, regulators’ warnings, profit and loss in the venue, controversial argumentation over the market movement, and much more…

NEM Foundation starts a stormy week!

The week started with the escalating controversy about the NEM foundation, and the conflicting news between a shut-down and a restart.

AtoZ Market dug in the story and found out that there was an exchange of accusations and justifications between the management board and the community members. The former had their secretarial office release a statement, in which they announced they were having financial difficulties, and that the previous management policy was not fruitful.

Unveiling that late, the community members got raged, and a skeptical atmosphere took over the whole climate, where they seem to have not believed the management story, so they went further in their thoughts, stating clearly that the funds the company had among their hands were abused for personal interests. That escalated the tension even more, but the management of NEM was diplomatic to answer that it was an issue of mal-management only, promising that the upcoming strategy will be radically revised and modified.

After the above-mentioned overwhelming puzzle, IBM clears out the mood by announcing releasing a blockchain platform on a cloud service in Australia.

The promising news said that the IT giant aimed by its move to consolidate the privacy of its customers, even more, allowing the latter to run their applications directly on the company’s cloud. The platform uses Hyperledger Fabric, which aims at enhancing cross-industry blockchain technologies hosted by the Linux Foundation.

The Sydney-based IBM data centre was said to launch next March.

We move on with Oracle, as it announced this week that it added new features to its Blockchain platform, to “simplify business process”.

The move comes in pursuits of accelerating the adoption of blockchain, as the company said in a press release.

The features added include developer tools, identity management and data integration functions, like integrating the blockchain transaction history with other data resources, for example.

OctaFX was cloned and ICOs will die!

OctaFX draw the attention of traders and investors that there was a fraudulent website which tried to clone its official website.

The scamming attempt was made to lure the clients of the authentic broker into dealing with the fake one. OctaFX advised its clients to change their long in credentials on their website as soon as they get informed of the incident, as mentioned in our article here.

AtoZ Market allocated some space for mid-week rest, reminding of why Forex Entry Orders are key trading tools, and moved on later with the news of the “death of ICOs”, as expectations told.

A CEO of a Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments expected in an interview that ICOs were on their way to end permanently, as they see they are currently fading out in the market, with no profit done.

That was the most important headlines this closing week has witnessed. More recent news and expanded details are there on our homepage for you.

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