Update: Cryptocurrency exchange Exmo Director got kidnapped in Ukraine

Criminals are not only targeting the online sphere of the cryptocurrency market. According to local news in Ukraine, the cryptocurrency exchange Exmo Director got kidnapped in Kiev.

Update: Cryptocurrency platform EXMO has confirmed the abduction of Pavel Lerner with AtoZForex team, and both parties are now requesting your help to share any relevant information that can help the case.   

29 December, AtoZForex – The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has not gone by unnoticed for criminals. Until now there were only reported cases of hacks, with cybercriminals targeting cryptocurrency investors and websites offering cryptocurrency services.

An example is the recent hack attack on EtherDelta, it was reported that the criminals managed to steal $266,789 worth of Ether. However, the case of EtherDelta, like in many other cases are only limited to monetary losses. This has changed with the latest reports on the local news in Ukraine, informing that the Cryptocurrency exchange Exmo Director got kidnapped. EXMO, the cryptocurrency platform, has confirmed this tragic case. Furthermore, the firm revealed that Pavel Lerner is an analyst working at EXMO and not as the director.

Cryptocurrency exchange Exmo Director got kidnapped - Details

Pavel Lerner Exmo CEOAccording to the news portal Strana, an anonymous source from the Ukrainian law enforcement agency, has revealed that Pavel Lerner, the managing director of Exmo Finance has been kidnapped. The news portal indicates that the 40-year-old Russian was allegedly kidnapped near his working office in Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kiev.

Reportedly, unidentified persons wearing balaclavas and dark clothes dragged Pavel Lerner into a Mercedes Vito with the license number AA 2063 MT. Thereafter, the car drove off to an unknown direction.

His disappearance was not noticed until the evening of the 26th of December. The anonymous source said that a friend of Lerner reported his abduction after the managing director of Exmo stopped responding to the phone calls. After the statement, the law enforcers have classified the case as a kidnapping of a person “part 2, article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine”.

EXMO requests for help in the search for Pavel Lerner

The news portal Strana, disclosed that persons close to Pavel Lerner said that he is a programmer and cryptocurrency specialist. Pavel Lerner is said to be involved in a number of cryptocurrency startups in Ukraine. Adding to this information, the cryptocurrency exchange EXMO has informed AtoZForex team that Pavel is, in fact, an analyst working at EXMO and not the firm's CEO. Additionally, the PR department of EXMO has called out to the public for any relevant information, in order to speed up the search for Pavel:

“We are doing everything possible to speed up the search of Pavel Lerner. Any information regarding his whereabouts is very much appreciated. We are kindly asking you to email to bd@exmo.com in case you are aware of any facts that might help the investigation. Despite the situation, the exchange is working as usual. We also want to stress that nature of Pavel’s job at EXMO doesn’t assume access either to storages or any personal data of users. All users funds are absolutely safe.”

Please help to spread the word and share with us any relevant information that you may have about the case.

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