Crypto Capital President Arrested for Money Laundering

The Polish authorities arrested Ivan Manuel Molina Lee in connection with money laundering charges.

October 25, 2019, | AtoZ Markets Polish authorities had arrested Crypto Capital President, Ivan Manuel Molina Lee for being part of an international drug cartel. And he also involved in money laundering operations using Bitfinex, according to several Polish news websites. 

On the evening of October 24, CASA, a military station, landed at Warsaw Chopin Airport, where the Polish police escorted Ivan Manuel Molina Lee. According to the Polish Prosecutor's Office, he is a member of the international drug cartel and launders money in Polish.

Accusations Of Money Laundering

Crypto Capital was a firm to which Bitfinex would have entrusted 850 million dollars money. The exchange declared not being able to access later. The exchange made a token sale of $ 1 billion in May to cover the loss.

It has already been reported that the Polish Ministry of Justice seized bank accounts on behalf of Crypto S.P. Z O.O. The confiscated funds, which amount to $ 350 million, allegedly belonged to Crypto S.P. Z O.O. And NESP SP. Z O.O., two companies probably affiliated with Crypto Capital and Molina Lee, according to several financial documents. The seizure was part of an anti-money laundering operation carried out by the Polish authorities.

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Polish media told that the Polish authorities sought Molina Lee in connection with the funds seized, which was on money laundering from Colombian drug cartels through the cryptocurrency exchange.

Big Crypto Exchanges used Crypto Capital's Banking Service 

According to the national prosecutor's office, the money-laundering operation was the most major seizure in the history of the Polish Public Prosecutor's Office against confiscation.

According to Decrypt, several other major cryptography exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, and BitMEX, have also used Crypto Capital's banking services.

Polish prosecutors claim that Crypto Capital held accounts at the Spółdzielczy bank in the town of Skierniewice and that Molina Lee and BitFinex have laundered illegal proceeds across the country.

It is the most significant effort by Polish prosecutors to guarantee the losses associated with illegal activities, Polish prosecutors wrote. It was a joint effort by Police and the international special forces. The prosecutions were conducted by the prosecutors of the Lower Silesian Branch of the Department of Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office at Wrocław.  The officers who cooperated closely with Europol, Interpol and the services American, including the DEA. 

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