CRFIN blacklists Tokyo Investment Group

26 April, AtoZForex, Lagos – In its quest to tidy up the financial industry so as to enable a safer environment for all stakeholders, Russia’s Regulatory Center of OTC financial instruments and technologies (CRFIN) has again discovered another business with signs of dubious dealings. The CRFIN blacklists Tokyo Investment Group. As the firm has displayed several attributes of a scam, while is also unregulated.

CRFIN blacklists Tokyo Investment Group

On its website, the firm displays a lot of worrisome information. It claims “Forex it is a simple way to enrichment.” While putting very little emphasis on the risk involve in trading. It then goes on to state the following, with no proof to verify.
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Regulatory breaches

After looking deeper into the activities of Tokyo investment, as stated by CRFIN, the regulator concluded that the firm has the following features, which qualifies it as a bad investment to the public.

- The promise of improbable and / or a guaranteed return (proposed investment program with an investment period of 20 to 80 days and the payment of a stable income from 0.8% to 1.1% per day);

- The existence of substantial bonuses for customer acquisition (there is a referral program to reward in the amount of 5% of each contribution given participant);

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- Lack of objective guarantees disbursement (business model does not have the degree of transparency sufficient for the recognition of the possibility of the payment of the said interest in any other way than at the expense of borrowed funds subsequent customer);

- Signs of a false position (on the site of the project used the concept of "contribution" and "deposit", which refer to the banking activities, and the lack of information about available RF licenses and permits, providing activities related to the involvement of individuals in the Russian legislation).

Hence, members of the public are sternly cautioned against dealing with this firm. Or any others that display such features of dubious operations.

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