Craig Wright Slammed in Court for Presenting Fake Documents

Judge Bruce Reinhart slammed Craig Wright for presenting fake documents. The judge discovered that Wright has presented forged documents before. However, the judge gave Wright until 12 March 2020 to obtain the necessary documents.

11 March, 2020 | AtoZ MarketsCraig Wright claims to have created Bitcoin under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Ira Kleiman is chasing him on behalf of his brother, Dave Kleiman, Wright’s partner. Dave Kleiman, who died in 2013, was part of Satoshi Nakamoto’s team as a lead developer. Wright and Kleiman involved in a legal battle over the Tulip Trust, a contract believed to contain 1 million bitcoins. It could be the key to who is the real Satoshi.

Wright Claims His Privileged Documents Linked to 17 Companies

Wright’s latest argument is that a lawyer holds the documents, and therefore that his “communications are privileged”. His wife had also dealt with the lawyer, so he claimed that he had the privilege of spouses. And Wright said the documents were linked to 17 companies, which is another reason not to spit it out.

The 17 companies to which Wright claims that his “privileged” documents are linked are all in liquidation. And the lawyer who, according to Wright, has these documents. The lawyer is a certain Denis Bosire Mayaka, who wrote the following: 

I am a lawyer, and I obtained my law degree in 2007 at Moi University in Kenya. I represent Dr Craig Steven Wright since 2012, notably for investment matters. More specifically, I represent Mr. Wright and Wright International Investments Ltd concerning Tulip Trust documents, including the Tulip Trust dated 7 July 2017.

Wright’s only evidence of this is a printout of Mayaka’s LinkedIn profile.

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Judge Throws out Wright’s Latest Excuse

Reinhart questioned Wright’s credibility. He also noted that the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto had openly lied to the court in the past:

“Particularly given my previous finding that Craig Wright presented fake documents in this litigation. I refuse to rely on this type of document, which could easily have been generated by anyone with a word processing software and a pen. I give no weight to Mr. Wright’s sworn statements which advance his interests but which were not challenged by cross-examination and for which I cannot determine credibility. I’ve already found that Mr. Wright had given false testimony in my presence. “

The judge gave Wright until 12 March 2020 to obtain the necessary documents. However, if Wright cannot produce the documents and the judge rules in favor of Kleiman’s estate.

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