Craig Wright 500k Bitcoin settlement update: Another extension filed

Craig Wright files court documents for a thirty-day extension in an ongoing $10 billion lawsuit posed by the estate of his former partner David Kleiman.

September 18, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – Satoshi Nakamoto ‘wannabe’ Craig Wright, has asked for another extension of a deadline to settle his case involving his late partner Dave Kleiman.

Wright needs more time to be “right”

According to a new filing on September 17, Wright’s attorney has asked the Florida district court for a new 30-day extension. The parties involved have signed a non-binding agreement that would assist them in finalizing the settlement out of court, according to the joint motion. An excerpt from the agreement reads:

“The parties have been engaged in extensive settlement negotiations and have reached a non-binding agreement in principle to settle this matter […] Reaching a final binding settlement agreement is in the best interests of both parties, and a 30-day extension of all case deadlines (including the trial setting) would enable both parties to devote their full efforts to that goal.”

At the moment, the Kleiman estate has not raised any objections to the 30-day deadline.

From 2 to 30-days extension

It’s worth remembering that Craig Wright lost in court and was ordered to pay 5 billions dollars worth of the cryptocurrency to the Kleiman estate as well as surrender half of all of the intellectual properties created. After this court order, Wright’s attorney Andres Rivero first filed for a 14-day extension on August 30 in order to challenge the ruling by the presiding judge Bruce Reinhart. 

Nevertheless, given the magnitude of the Craig Wright 500k Bitcoin settlement and skepticism over his exact BTC holding, many in the crypto community are questioning whether he will comply with the court order. Wright has claimed during testimony that he is not certain as to where the disputed Bitcoin is stored or whether he can have access to it. 

Whatever the outcome, AtoZMarkets will always keep you updated on the progress of the case.

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