CONSOB warning on ZAR FX

11 January,, Lagos –Italy’s Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) has commenced the new year with a warning against another brokerage outfit. This warning, just like others, is meant to prompt the public against doing business with firms which the financial regulator of the region cannot certify as genuine.

CONSOB warning on ZAR FX

The latest of such firms to receive the warning from the CONSOB is Forex firm ZAR FX. This organization ploughs its FX brokerage activities in the Italian region, without the required license from the regulators. It operates via the website: Here, the broker states that:

“Being a pure DMA broker, ZAR FX generates profits on a Per Trade Basis concluding our interests for traders to be successful ones. ZAR FX will concentrate all of our efforts in providing all the support and guidance to our traders during their work.”

However, a CONSOB warning on ZAR FX has been issued today. The public is now advised to avoid doing any business with ZAR Forex Capital Markets Ltd, RGV Media Ltd and RGV Holdings Ltd, as they are not authorized to carryout their activities in the region.

OptionCM warning

Similarly, a warning on OptionCM and CRlink limited, was issued after the Italian financial regulator discovered that its parent firm DGX SYSTEM Ltd (DGX) is not authorized to provide any investment services in the Italian jurisdiction. The warning of DGX came along with the clamp down on the website, marking the increased regulated activities of the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB).

In more detail about DGX and its two brand names OptionCM and CRlink limited. DGX owns the brand name OptionCM, a binary options trading platform and brokerage firm that claims to be operating over 90 countries worldwide. DGX operates OptionCM through the website domain, except within the EU Economic Area.

Being not compliant with any financial regulator, it goes without saying that today’s CONSOB warning on OptionCM got issued immediately. The CONSOB has also disclosed the following contact details of DGX, for investors to avoid any dealings with the binary options firm:

Address: 3rd floor, C&H Tower Corner of Great Marlborough and Great George Streets, Roseau 00152, Commonwealth of Dominica
Phone: 0044 2031501862, 0054 1159841800

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