CONSOB Binary Options warning: Boss Capital

July 7, AtoZForex As is the usual practice of financial regulators around the world, Italy’s National Commission for Companies and Stock Exchange (CONSOB), has again warned the public about the activities of the unlicensed firm. Firms included on the CONSOB warning list have been found to be operating without due authorization.

CONSOB Binary Options warning against Boss Capital

This Monday, Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa issued a public warning against binary options brokerage Boss Capital. The broker operates online via and claims to have its address in the United Kingdom. The binary options broker Boss Capital, also known as Cheshire Capital Ltd is not authorized to provide investment services or activities across the Italy or solicit to Italian investors.

As it is stated in the official release from the Italian watchdog, the unauthorized binary options broker is forbidden from providing its services in Italy in any way, “not even through the website”

Recent warnings from the Italian regulator

As CONSOB Binary Options warning against Cheshire Capital Ltd was published in the beginning of this week, another 27 unregistered entities got red flagged by the Italian regulator.

The names of the unregistered firms are as follows:

E-transact Worldwide Limited, Sterling Consultancy Options, Banco Fx, Simple Finance, Novus Capital Management, Cannon Corporate Consultants, Epic Loans, Tfx Traders, Tokai Global Trading, Gruber & Taylor Co (Usa), St. World Trade Inc. – TradeFxi Forex, Inc., Nkfx Holdings Inc., Lexington Investment Capital Inc., TradeFXA Limited, XPMarkets Ltd., Citco Trust Corporation Ltd., European Union National Clearance Agency,Mizuho Corporate Global, SheldenAssociates, Ephraim Global, Sbma Investment, Keiyo Asset Management, Apex Equities,,, Athos International Management.

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