Coinbase Salus: New Security Scaling Software Open-Source

US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has recently developed a new security scaling tool named Salus and has made it available to the public via an open source code. What are its advantages? Find out more in AtoZMarkets’ coverage.

19 October 2018 | AtoZMarkets – The US-based cryptocurrency exchange giant, Coinbase has recently developed an automated security scaling tool called Salus and has made it fully available to the public through an open source tool on GitHub.

Advantages of Coinbase Security Scaling Tool Salus

According to a post from Coinbase developer, Julian Borrey, this new program can automatically run and configure various security scanners and also issue reports on the results. One of the main advantages of Salus, according to Borrey, is the ability to coordinate security scans across a huge number of software storages in a centralized way, without having to configure a scanner for various projects. This means that the scans can be made more efficient without having to configure a scanner for various project.

This is considerably easier and also a time-saving process. The post further explains that the program can automatically make system-wide changes in the security scanner, centrally within Salus via all the repository. According to Coinbase, Salus combines human code reviews and automated scans to ensure all the security needed for this kind of device.

Coinbase’s Salus Is Currently Being Utilized

The open-source software was built recently by Coinbase and is currently being utilized by their team to coordinate security scans across the platform. According to the post:

“Tools like these help us to ship faster, and we are tremendously grateful for these open source efforts. It was in this spirit that Coinbase started its open source fund, a token of gratitude for this type of community-oriented work.”

The developer further affirmed:

“It helps us enforce security policies for each change made to a codebase and ensures there is a quick feedback loop with the developer about potential vulnerabilities”.

Coinbase has listed ERC-20 Token ZRX

AtoZMarkets reported earlier, that the US-based cryptocurrency exchange has launched support for ZRX, making it the first ERC-20 token available for trade on the platform. Coinbase’s customers are now able to buy, sell, receive and store ZRX on as well as its iOS and Android apps. The exchange, however, noted in the statement that ZRX will be initially unavailable in most jurisdictions. ZRX will not be available for customers domicile in New York and the United Kingdom, due to unsettled regulation issues.

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