CNMV warning: SFKK Trading Solutions and TBD Options

June 28, AtoZForex The Spanish watchdog, Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has been updating its blacklist with the names of the brokers soliciting to Spanish investors without any authorization to do so. Today, two new names were added to the warning list of the Spanish regulator, as SFKK Trading Solutions and TBD Options Ltd were red flagged by the CNMV.

CNMV adds two more brokers to its blacklist

As it is reported by the Spanish watchdog, both of the firms, TBD Options, and SFKK Trading Solutions have been promoting their financial services, including the investment services, forex transactions, and financial instrument related services, without having the license from CNMV. In order to perform any kind of investment or auxiliary services in Spain, all the brokerage firms need to have an authorization by the Spanish regulator.

SFKK Trading Solutions and TBD Options activities

As for SFKK Trading Solutions, the broker is offering the range of financial services, including trading opportunities, the educational services, and the strategies development. SFKK Trading Solutions are operating online via The company is operated by Y2 Media Group and claims to be located in London, UK.

The second new name in the CNMV’s blacklist, TBD Options is also operating online through multiple web addresses:,,,,,, The firm claims to be registered in Anguilla and has an office in London, UK.

CMNV’s latest warnings on unregistered brokers

The two brokers’ names came as the latest update to the CNMV’s warning list, following the Trading Forex broker inclusion last month. As it was reported by AtoZForex team earlier, Trading Forex is also recorded as unregulated in Spain. Nevertheless, the firm chose to solicit to Spain-based investors and provide the investment advice across the Spain without any authorization to do so.

As a note, CMNV’s role is to protect Spanish investors and ensure the safe environment in the market. The Spanish watchdog reminds investors that trading with non-authorised brokers implies a high risk of losses.

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