CME Group announces the highest daily FX options volume in 4 years

CME GLOBEX, CME GROUP, FX, FX OPTIONS, RECORD DAILY FX VOLUMES CME Group, one of the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, announced September 4th with $32.4 billion in notional value (231,307 contracts) as the highest daily FX options volume in 4 years, in its Foreign Exchange options complex.

We would like to mention that the previous record of  CME Group was  set as $26.1 billion (174,941 contracts) on May 5, 2010.

On September the 4th 94% of the options ($30.7 billion in Notional value) traded electronically, where as this number was set as $18.2 billion on May the 5th, 2010. Previously this record was set at 91% in July 2014.

The original CME Group Announcement can be found on CME Group website.

CME FX volume

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