OANDA launches Mobile funding method

ml_oanda_logoOANDA has upgraded its FxTrade mobile application for the Apple iOS operating system, creating new functions as clients can now fund OANDA accounts via mobile. Explanatory, OANDA is an innovative computer and financial technology firm, which provides Internet-based forex trading as well as currency information. The providing of OANDA's currency information is destined to individuals, large corporations, ranging from portfolio managers to large financial institutions.

Relating back to the brokerage's upgrade of its FxTrade mobile application, one of the new functions that has been enhanced is the Mobile funding ability, which is aimed for its clients to fund their trading accounts now via it's mobile device. Now that OANDA launches Mobile funding method, the innovative function has currently been made available to OANDA US only. Logically, the upgraded FxTrade app with its latest added Mobile funding ability will be made available any time soon for the other operative regions of OANDA.

Reportedly, the new development was launched last week in the US. Evidently, OANDA is highly technology oriented, explaining the brokerage's highly discussed decision to open an office in the reputable area of Silicon Valley office, just over last year. The Chief of Staff from OANDA Corporation, Ms.Natasha Lala commented on the highly discussed decision for an office in Silicon Valley of last year:

When OANDA opened its first office in Toronto, our focus was to use our collective technology expertise to transform the forex market; to create a fair and transparent marketplace, and provide individual FX traders access to it. Today, as we open our doors in San Francisco, our focus is largely the same. But as we make our best-in-breed fxTrade and fxTrade Mobile platforms smarter and faster, we also look toward how we can further transform the retail investing industry at large.”

The newly launched mobile application for the Apple iOS operating system has bug fixes and enhancements. Last month, OANDA also added new hedging compatibilities available for various regions of its portfolio of present countries. This created a system such that clients will now be able to create accounts in the MT4 of OANDA, in order to display positions of long and short simultaneously for the same instrument.

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