How Can You Claim BAT Token Reward Using Reddit?

How can you claim Bat token reward using Reddit? According to a recent report, those using Brave browser will soon be able to use its BAT token on Reddit to tip fellow users.

The article was updated on 17 February, 2020 by Amicus.

1 July, 2019 | AtoZ Markets - Users of Reddit, one of the top 20 internet sites in the world, will soon be able to tip one another using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency, according to a report in Decrypt. The tipping functionality will only be available to users of the popular cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser.

Brave Rewards to Claim BAT Token Using Reddit

Brave browser is a search engine which is based on the blockchain technology. The main focus of this browser is to support user privacy and empowering them online. How does it work? Well, the user gets a chance to earn by viewing “privacy-respecting ads”. It further, gives freedom to the users to choose which ads they want to view.

As per in a scheme called Brave Rewards,’ the users get compensated in BAT token on Reddit for watching the ads that respect the user privacy. What is more, users can then opt to support the content creators who they frequent using these Brave Rewards.

When Can We Expect to See the Main Stage?

On the Reddit forum, in the user discussion panel, a moderator on Brave’s subreddit said that the BETA testing stage would take around three weeks for completion of the developmental cycle to enter into the main stage- the fully functional stage.

“The features in our developer preview build make their way into our BETA. Then MAIN on a 3-week development cycle, so they’ll be in MAIN soon.”

Further, for those curious users who wish to know about the ‘build channels,’ they can do so by the download page on the official website of BRAVE.

Verify Your Account to Get BAT Token on Reddit

Do you have a Reddit account? Then you can easily start to get verified, and therefore, start to get tipping process started. It is a very easy and quick process, which almost takes a few seconds to complete the verification process. All you need to do is to log into your account and verify the account to get going in no time.

Reddit is one of the largest cryptocurrency information and community gateways in the world. Bitcoin subreddit has more than 1.1 million members, and the CryptoCurrency subreddit has nearly 900K members. The introduction of a cryptocurrency tip button on a site with 1.6 billion monthly visits and an audience that is crypto-friendly will be the largest mainstream test to date for BAT as a means of payment.

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