Citi Forex forecast for G10 currencies

22 July, AtoZForexCiti bank has provided us with its major G10 currency Forex forecast for traders to acknowledge and use it as a guideline for 2 and 11 months’ timeframes.

G10 Forex forecast

Citi Forex forecast was revised on 4th of July after Brexit developments took place.

Citi Forex forecast
Pair Sep '16 Jun '17
AUDUSD 0.72 0.74
EURUSD 1.1 1.15
GBPUSD 1.25 1.28
NZDUSD 0.69 0.7
USDCAD 1.3 1.26
USDCHF 0.99 0.96
USDJPY 103 105

Source: Citi bank research

Looking at the forecast as a whole, it appears that Citi bank is expecting bread USD weakness throughout most of 2017.

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