CGCX Exchange Offers Crypto Trading Bonus up to $5000

Ever since the inception of cryptocurrency exchanges, hacking, poor wallet management, as well as unethical operations, have scared off many crypto investors. Thus, we understand that crypto exchanges are not banks, but we believe that it is compulsory to insure your digital assets. So far only one firm offers this and that is, which is the world’s first fully insured Crypto Exchange.

The leading media holding in blockchain and FinTech space, 7MARKETZ Group has recently announced an equity acquisition in, with the aim to further develop CGCX exchange and grow its market share in the crypto world.


Special Trading Bonus for CGCX traders: Win up to $5,000

CGCX's team has been tirelessly working to give you the ease of mind on all of your digital assets traded on their crypto exchange.  Today, CGCX is pleased to announce to you a special trading bonus offered to CGCX traders, with the total prize pool of up to $13,500 in CGCX tokens. The prize will be distributed among the top 10 traders with the highest volume in total transactions. The trading bonus runs between 25 February - 10 March 2019. The prize winner will be rewarded $5,000 worth of CGCX tokens at the end of this competition.

For new traders:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a trading account: register and confirm your email address
  3. Verify your identity: submit your ID in the dashboard
  4. Deposit funds
  5. Start trading

For existing traders:

  1. Login to
  2. Place an order to buy or sell
  3. You will be automatically entered into the competition

The bonus will be allocated to the top 10 accounts based on the net traded volume (buying volume - selling volume, excluding self-transaction). The leading accounts will be displayed in a leader board on the website, and winners will be announced on the March 10 2019 on website.

Campaign terms:

Campaign duration: 25 February 12:00 pm UTC - 10 March 12:00 pm UTC

Total bonus pool: CGCX tokens valued at $13500

1st place - $5000 in CGCX tokens

2nd place - $2500 in CGCX tokens

3rd place - $2000 in CGCX tokens

4th place - $1000 in CGCX tokens

5th place - $750 in CGCX tokens

6th place - $750 in CGCX tokens

7th place - $500 in CGCX tokens

8th place - $500 in CGCX tokens

9th place - $250 in CGCX tokens

10th place - $250 in CGCX tokens

Strict qualification evaluation of the trading account will be conducted on the platform. Account will immediately cancelled once it is found to be earning rewards maliciously and will be restricted from other transaction related services to the account. CGCX will give the final interpretation of this event.


So, what are you waiting for? Start trading your favorite cryptocurrencies today on - the world’s first insured crypto exchange, and get rewarded! You are insured against the cyber attacks and any hacks on your account.

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