CFI Markets Post-US election outlook: Gold, Oil, EURUSD in demand

US elections had the markets shocked last week, as Donald Trump unpredictably won the US Presidential race, sending the financial markets to the journey of uncertainty. Traders are now wondering what to expect from Forex brokers after the elections? AtoZ Forex has reached out to CFI Markets, inquiring on CFI Markets Post-US election outlook and status.

17 November, AtoZForex Now, when Donald Trump currently is about to officially become the US President, it is high time to analyze the markets stance and start thinking about the future steps under the Republican Nominee. AtoZForex team has been meeting and interviewing Forex brokers globally to get their view on the market in the aftermath of Trump’s victory.

CFI Markets Post-US election outlook

AtoZ Forex Industry News Manager, Kristina has spoken with Elie Aoun, the General Manager at CFI Markets Forex Broker. Below, we present to you the key highlights of CFI markets Post-US election market outlook.

Kristina Frunze: Was there any change in CFI Markets’ margin requirements?

Elie Aoun: “Yes, we did. We have sent a newsletter also with an excel sheet showing the new Margins.”

Kristina Frunze: Have you brought the margin requirements back?

Elie Aoun: “Yes, we did. On Thursday 10th of November 2016.”

Kristina Frunze: What was the most traded instrument for CFI Markets?

Elie Aoun: “The most traded instruments were Gold, Oil and EUR/USD along with the other majors of course.”

Kristina Frunze: What recommendations can CFI Markets give to traders trading this week?

Elie Aoun: “We have Technical Reports sent on a daily basis to Traders.”

Kristina Frunze: Do you have any special promotion for traders?

Elie Aoun: “No.”

Do you have questions for Elie Aoun related to CFI markets or the market post the US elections? Let us know in the comments section below.

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