CCN Shut Down Due to Google 2019 Core Update

As media reports, a Norway-based crypto news platform CCN shuts down after experiencing a 71% fall in mobile traffic due to a recent update to Google’s search rankings. How drastic could be Google 2019 core update impact on crypto websites?

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June 11, 2019, | AtoZ MarketsCCN news portal founded in the summer of 2013 in Norway by entrepreneur Jonas Borchgrevink as “”. By the end of 2018, the crypto news platform became a part of the Norwegian media company “Hawkfish AS”. However, as the CCN reports, most of their employees and contractors are based in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

On June 10th, the company’s CEO Jonas Borchgrevink, published an official letter addressed to the media community.

In his message, Borchgrevink revealed the data from the SEO analyzer Systrix. Their news portal’s visibility “dropped from 1.2 to less than 0.6”.

The CEO emphasized, after its core update, Google stopped showing CCN articles in its search results. Due to this, as the company’s official stated, the news portal lost 90% of their revenue due to lost traffic.

Jonas Borchgrevink concluded that after CCN shuts down, the entire team will move to another news platform with an address

Google 2019 Core Update Impact on CCN Websites

Notable, that CCN is not the only news platform, affected by the recent update to Google’s search rankings. The CCN representatives report that popular blockchain news portal CoinDesk has experienced 34.6% drop. Cointelegraph has reached a 21.1% drop on mobile.

Another crypto news publication stated that their AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is on “zero-level” and “search queries are filled with outdated top stories from Bloomberg, CoinDesk and FXstreet.”

In his letter, Jonas Borchgrevink cited Barry Schwarts from Search Engine Land, who stated, that certain UK news platforms, including Mirror, the SUN, and Metro, gained Google Search Engine traffic.

CEO of CCN, Jonas Borchgrevink, expressed his concerns that Google might play the monopoly game by controlling the search engine industry. According to Borchgrevink, Google is against journalism ethics and free speech.

Stankevicius MGM Expresses Interest

Different media outlet started spreading a rumour that a PR company, Stankevicius MGM, interested in acquiring CCN. According to the company’s description, Stankevicius MGM is a global advertising, marketing, and public relations firm that provides advertising and marketing services to corporations, financial companies, startups, and individuals.

Founded in 2014 in Finland, the firm also has offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Hong Kong, and Minsk. According to the local media, in 2018, Stankevicius MGM also acquired the crypto news portal

The acquisition was not that successful in terms of visitors’ number. But, past action shows that Stankevicius MGM interested in the crypto media news business. However, will Stankevicius MGM really sign a partnership with CCN? Only time will tell.

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