Cashshuffle Increases Privacy of Bitcoin Cash Transactions

October- 16, 2018 | AtoZMarkets – The development team in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem have unveiled that they are working today on a project called Cashshuffle.

The team of the 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world –who have been focusing on the fungibility aspect of the coin over the last few months- informed that the project introduces the concept of Tokenshuffle, which intended to anonymize BCH transactions.

As per –the portal run by BCH proponent Roger Ver– the concept of Tokenshuffle is important for the community for providing added privacy to the transactions.

The difference between coin mixing and cash shuffle was summarised on the official website as the following:

“Coin mixing” commonly refers to the use of services that allow a user to replace his or her coins with a different set of coins.

Cash shuffle is different. It allows users to combine their transactions with others, creating obfuscation.

The disadvantages of coin mixing is that the user must trust the mixing service, and usually has to pay a fee. But with Cash Shuffle, there is no risk of lost funds, and no additional fees.”

Two Types of Cryptocurrency Mixing Protocols

On the other hand, Tokenshuffle, which was outlined and published on 12th October, by a developer called Chris Troutner, is a “light wallet” that involves two types of cryptocurrency mixing protocols.

Troutner stated “the idea of Tokenshuffe is a hybrid of the fundamentals involved with Coinjoin and Coinshuffle”, emphasising that anonymity as the key idea behind the project.

 “Tokenshuffle is a protocol for anonymizing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and improving its fungibility. This protocol is loosely based on the ideas in Coinjoin and Coinshuffle, and is intended to be implemented as a light-weight web app that people can anonymously interact with.”

The programming team working on the project unveiled that the tool might be ready soon by entering the maturity phase in the upcoming one or two months, expecting Cashshuffe to become a concrete fungibility solution for Bitcoin Cash.

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