Capital Markets is Growing to Your One-Stop-Shop for Online Consulting

Capital Markets is the service company that takes advantage of the online trend as a consultancy firm who recognized the potential for online services long before the pandemic. 

22  July, 2020 | AtoZ MarketsBusinesses are making the transition to offering their products and services online at a faster rate than ever in 2020, with COVID-19 making online commerce increasingly important.

This has been illustrated by education providers including Harvard, as well as prominent players in the fitness industry recently moving or expanding to online services in order to stay afloat. 

While some businesses are struggling with the transition, others have been setting themselves up for online success for many years, and are set to flourish.

A Future-Proof Business

One service company that is set to take advantage of the online trend is Capital Markets, a consultancy firm who recognized the potential for online services long before the pandemic. 

Capital Markets was founded in 2017 by lawyer Duncan Middleshust, along with three other experts from various industries. They had one key aim in mind: Save people time and money on quality consultations. 

It may sound simple, but there are two things about Capital Markets which are very eye-catching.

The first is that they are a one-stop shop for consulting services across several industries – not just one. This is a stark contrast to the current online service atmosphere, which is extremely fragmented. Finding a quality source of advice from a professional in any one field can be an exhausting process, let alone more than one area. 

Capital Markets is one of the first of its kind to host professionals and experts from several disciplines and bring them all under the same reputable platform.

The second striking thing about Capital Markets is that their consulting services cover highly complex, yet relevant fields. These cover several important aspects of life, including law, medicine, travel, and education. 

Picture having a personal lawyer, doctor, travel agent, and education adviser at your disposal – all at the touch of a button.


Capital Markets’ roots date back much further than its official founding date, with Middlehust wanting to provide people with the technological capacity for online consultations since 2009. For eight years, Capital Markets worked to assist several companies in providing their own online consultation services. 

In 2017, with the help of Antares founder Alex Richter and his platform, Middlehust decided it was time to establish their own business-to-consumer consultation service.

The company is built upon a wealth of experience from its 4 co-founders, each of whom holds decades of experience in their respective fields. This includes:

  • Middlehust himself, a lawyer from King’s College London with 25 years’ experience
  • David Ward, a communications and tourism expert with over 40 years of travel experience
  • Lewis Denne, a university leadership mentor with his own non-profit company
  • Michael McGrady, a cardiologist and co-director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

How Does it Work?

Consultations are provided by Capital Markets on-demand, 24/7 without appointments, through your mobile or computer. They also claim a maximum waiting time of just three minutes, which is outstanding if true.

Users must pay for the service by purchasing “points” via the Antares platform. These points are equal to dollars on a 1:1 basis, making them somewhat similar to store credit for Capital Markets services. The points can be spent on any of the available consultation services, from any one of their experts.

What’s Available Now?

Capital Markets have kicked things off with their world travel guide service, which offers a virtual personal travel assistant. They offer assistance and planning for more than 30 countries, for high-quality remote tourism services.

This involves everything from flights to accommodation, meals, transfers, and insurance – all laid out just for the customer.

Convenient And Cost-Effective

Offering online consultation services for complex fields such as the ones above is a huge breakthrough for all industries involved. Rather than confining customers to setting long appointments and traveling to face-to-face meetings, time is optimized to benefit both the users and the experts for more efficient exchanges.

Customers also enjoy the luxury of not having to search for other experts when seeking advice in more than one field. Rather, they can conveniently select one of the other options on the platform within seconds.


The future of service businesses is rapidly evolving, and Capital Markets is giving us an amazing glimpse into what future consultations will look like in years to come.

The potential of online consultations in complex disciplines is also very exciting, with the global pandemic giving us even more reason to optimize these services at a distanced level.

If you want to keep an eye on Capital Markets as they roll out the remainder of their services, you can keep an eye on their news section here.

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