Ethereum Founder Buterin comments on Coindesk OMG Giveaway scam link error

Ethereum Founder Buterin comments on Coindesk OMG Giveaway scam link error, stating that he will not attend the event. He also urged others to follow the same approach. 

27 April, AtoZ Markets Coindesk’s 2018 Consensus conference is about to take place in May, and it is expected that a lot of people will attend the event. However, one of the biggest figures in the crypto community, the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, won’t be taking part in this conference.

Ethereum Founder Buterin comments on Coindesk OMG Giveaway scam link error

Earlier this week, Mr. Buterin has stated that he intends to boycott Coindesk’s conference. He has also urged others to do the same. He claimed that Coindesk is “recklessly complicit in enabling giveaway scams.” One of the key reasons for Buterin’s boycott was a technical analysis blog post on Coindesk that was reportedly linked to a fraudulent website. Since then, the link has been removed from the article.

It is also reported that Coindesk has issued a correction note, stating:

“This article has been updated to remove a link to a fraudulent website that was misrepresenting OmiseGo in an effort scam users. CoinDesk regrets the error.”

Mr. Buterin has further noted that the article has “directly” linked to a ”giveaway scam.” Below please find his full Tweet.

Coindesk OMG Giveaway scam

In fact, cryptocurrency market is often flourishing with a number of fraud and pump-and-dump schemes.

Coindesk Consensus Conference

The Chief Executive of CoinDesk, Kevin Worth, has been quoted by some online reports as saying:

“We were disappointed to learn of Vitalik’s tweet today regarding a CoinDesk reporting error, for which we apologize. One of our reporters included an unverified link in an article; we quickly identified the error and fixed it. We strive to maintain the highest level of unbiased, ethical journalism in order to provide the best possible coverage of the blockchain industry.”

Online reports have stated that Coindesk’s Consensus conference is one of the most widely attended events in the crypto space. This year, the conference is expected to host around 5,000 attendees. Some of the speakers include Amber Baldet, who is the former Blockchain head at JPMorgan, and the founder of Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

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