Turkish Crypto Exchange BtcTurk Sponsors Football Player Cengiz Ünder

Cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk has become the sponsor of A National Team football player Cengiz Ünder.

March 22, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Turkey-based cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk, has signed a sponsorship deal with the national football player Cengiz Ünder, who played in Leicester City, one of the English Premier League teams.

Bitcoin used in BtcTurk Cengiz Ünder sponsorship deal

As described in the March 22 press release seen by AtoZ Markets, BtcTurk signed a 2-year agreement with Cengiz and paid a part of the fee in Bitcoin.

BtcTurk CEO Özgür Güneri, who wishes to increase the use of all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, commented on the sponsorship deal:

"[…] I am excited to emphasize that the two-thirds of our sponsorship will be paid by Bitcoin, the rising value of the economy. I believe that this historical sponsorship, which includes the firsts in Turkish sports, will carry us to very important successes, I wish this journey will be beneficial for both sides."

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Cengiz Ünder also stated that he was excited about the deal:

"BtcTurk's support to our national team and being one of the leading brands in the industry was one of the things that motivated me the most in starting this journey. There is a great interest in cryptocurrencies. I have no doubt that it will go further in the future. Due to being in such a big project. I feel happy and proud. I am very happy about this agreement. Because it is a different structure. I am very happy to be mentioned together with the brand of my country abroad. It is a long term project. This makes me excited. We will do enjoyable work. "

Cengiz, who could not be included in the A National Team squad due to his injury, said he had to continue his treatment in Serbia due to the short-term injury.

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"My doctor is here, I work with him to return faster. I am sorry for not being on the national team due to the injury, I hope to return to the fields soon."

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