Brexit poses threat of Unemployment

titan-telecom-brexit10 June,, Lagos  As the possibility of a Brexit heats up, reports from the Telegraph cited some sources as saying that Cameron would expect any minister supporting UK exit from the EU to resign. David Cameron was also quoted as making the following comments in the just concluded G7 meeting:

“We have a clear view: renegotiate, get a deal that’s in Britain’s interest and then recommend Britain stays in it… If you want to be part of the government you have to take the view that we are engaged in an exercise of renegotiation to have a referendum and that will lead to a successful outcome,”

More recent reports point that the Prime Minister said he had been “misinterpreted” in widespread reports which suggested he would sack ministers who refuse to fall in line with his view in the poll, which he has promised by the end of 2017. He says that Government ministers are free to campaign for Britain to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum. A decision as to whether the ministers are bound by the doctrine of collective responsibility will be announced when the time for the referendum is closer. Although making it very clear that the Government will not take a neutral stance in the referendum campaign, insisting: “I don’t believe the Government will be a bystander in this. The Government will have a clear view.”

According to Manpower, a leading recruitment firm, leaving the EU would create a “vast amount of uncertainty and instability” which will affect investment and job creation in the economy. Based on reports from a recent survey by the company of 2,100 employers, it was discovered that the country already faces a “critical shortfall of qualified workers in the UK – particularly in the north of the country.”

Manpower Solutions UK managing director James Hick said: “Our position on Europe is clear: leaving the EU would threaten jobs and harm Britain’s prospects. At a time when we face serious skills shortages in key areas of the economy, that could have a very negative effect on our economic health.”

Employers’ body the CBI also opined that continued EU membership is in the UK’s national interest. The British Chambers of Commerce has said 55% of its members are in favour of a “reformed Europe”.

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