Boris Johnson new Foreign Secretary, George Osborne sacked

July 14, AtoZForex – As Theresa May stepped into the new position as a Prime Minister of England yesterday, she is already implementing some major changes in the UK governmental structure. One of her first steps in the new role was to fire the Chancellor George Osborne.

Boris Johnson new Foreign Secretary, George Osborne sacked

As Theresa May became a new PM of England just yesterday, she is currently forming her first Cabinet. One of the first things she implemented in her new position was appointing Boris Johnson as a new Foreign Secretary of the UK. Additionally, she removed George Osborne from his position, without giving him any alternative role in the government. The new Prime Minister summoned Osborne to Number 10 in one of her first moves and asked him to resign, saying she needed to turn over a brand new leaf.

Later, Mr. Osborne tweeted: it has “been a privilege to be Chancellor these last 6 yrs” and “Others will judge - I hope I've left the economy in a better state than I found it.”
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Who is the new Chancellor of the UK?

As for the new Chancellor of UK, we will see Phillip Hammond taking this position. He believes that new Cabinet, appointed by May makes a “strong team.” Mr. Hammond is one of the Conservatives' most experienced politicians.

What is more, he has long wanted the role of chancellor. He additionally said:

"We are very different people and when you are building a team for anything you want different kinds of people with different kinds of skills. And I think Boris will be very good in this job - Boris is a very big figure in the Conservative Party, he is a big figure in the country, he is a national figure. He will be an asset to both the party and the country working as part of a team closely together with the rest of us to make sure we deliver for Britain in the circumstances we find ourselves in."

As Theresa May became a new PM of England, British citizens already witnessed major changes in the UK government as George Osborne sacked and Boris Johnson is appointed as a new Foreign Secretary. But there is much more in the fundamental change agenda of Theresa May, as she only begins the transformation of Britain.

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