US State Studies Blockchain Usage for Elections and Voting

The legislature of the US State Virginia presented a bill to study blockchain usage for elections and voting. The state Virginia has presented the new bill and awaits the state’s education ministry to study the use of blockchain for improving elections. What is the current stage this bill and can blockchain truly improve voting? 

08 January, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Blockchain technology is being widespread studied. Various industries have already applied blockchain technology in business. Hence, it comes as no surprise that lawmakers in the US state Virginia has requested a new bill for studies on blockchain-based elections. The lawmakers have presented this bill to the Virginia General Assembly. The bill, House Joint Resolution 23, was pre-filled on 27 December and it is scheduled for offering on 8 January.

US Virginia Lawmaker’s Proposed Bill

US Virginia lawmakers have submitted a resolution asking the state government to study the use of blockchain for elections and Voting. The bill was pre-filed just before the end of the year by state delegate Hala S. Ayala. It calls on the state’s education ministry to “study the use of blockchain technology to protect voters’ records and election results. The resolution further explains that the Elections Department will:

  • Determine the types of blockchain technology that could use to secure voter records and election results, 
  • Determine the costs and benefits the use of this technology concerning traditional registration and election security measures.
  • Make recommendations on whether and how to apply blockchain technology in practices affecting the security of voter records and election results. 

The bill, if passed, would also require the Virginia Information Technology Agency to assist in the study. The Virginia Information Technology Agency is the state’s main information technology office. Furthermore, the bill added:

“The elections department must complete its meetings by 30 November, 2020 and 30 November, 2021. And the elections department must submit a summary to the governor and the General Assembly. And it will be a report of its findings and recommendations for publication as a House or Senate document for each year”.

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Using Blockchain Technology in US Election

Similar legislative efforts have made in the past, including a bill proposed in New York in 2017. A small group of people had also taken part in a blockchain-based voting pilot in West Virginia. It was during the 2018 US Congress election. However an unsuccessful attack on the platform triggered an inquiry by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hence, the blockchain based voting pilot went under investigation and had to stop.

Nevertheless, it is expected to be picked up again in the near future. Especially, with this new bill proposed to study blockchain usage for elections and voting in Virginia. Also, the communities of Denver in Colorado and Utah County in Utah have already successfully piloted mobile voting projects.

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