Blockchain Enterprise Worldwide Adoption is Oracle’s New Plan

February 13, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – According to a recent press release from the global computer technology giant Oracle, the company has decided to expand the capabilities of its corporate Oracle Blockchain Platform.

Accelerated Oracle platform will simplify business processes

According to the company press release, new features of the platform are designed to simplify the process of integrating existing business systems and IT systems, as well as accelerate the development and deployment of new blockchain applications.

New features provide Oracle customers with a range of developer tools, identity management and data integration functions, such as integrating the blockchain transaction history with other data resources.

In particular, the new features include an expanded database of the states of the world, a database with a rich history, identity federation and support for Hyperledger Fabric version 1.3. In a press release, Oracle also outlined its key global customers who have successfully implemented blockchain applications on their platform.

Oracle partners are China Distance Education Holdings Limited, a chain-oriented firm Circulor, and electronic document processing company SERES. Oracle also mentioned other clients, among which there are a number of international financial institutions, such as the Arab Jordanian Investment Bank, ICS Financial Systems and the SDK.Finance.

Oracle assists companies in blockchain implementation

According to Forbes, Oracle ranks second after Microsoft in software and software production. While speaking about their new project Oracle noted that Oracle Blockchain Platform “helps businesses to implement blockchain networks within their existing ecosystems by streamlining the process of building and integrating blockchain applications across diverse business networks and connecting them into the relevant business processes within these ecosystems.” Frank Xiong, Group Vice president, Blockchain Product Development of Oracle, shared some more details about the upcoming changes, saying the following:

“Oracle’s continued leadership and investment in enterprise blockchain technology ensures that the platform has all of the critical capabilities organizations need to build blockchain applications to handle their most important business transactions.”

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