BitTorrent Launches Its TRON-Based Token

January 04, 2019 | AtoZ Markets –The widely-known peer-to-peer download client BitTorrent has just launched its own token, naming it BitTorrent (BTT), based on the TRON protocol.

As per the press release that announced the move, users of the network may exchange the token among each other to optimize the speed of data transfer and attain faster download, as the company explained.

Six months after the company moved home to another host, having become a property of the decentralized internet startup TRON, the former announces today its first full-fledged move to begin to tokenize its content sharing ecosystem — which reportedly serves over 100 million users.

The BTT tokens are said to feature native TRC-10 compatibility, translating in adhering to a technical token standard supported by the TRON blockchain.

The start is for Windows users for now to help speeding up the data transfer rate

The token will reportedly be exclusively available to non-United States accounts on the “Launchpad” program that belongs to the crypto exchange Binance’s, and will also be distributed “selectively” via airdrops later this month.

In the announcement as well, the token BTT is part of a broader vision to create a decentralized content distribution platform that uses cryptocurrency. The BitTorrent company claims that its protocol, which was first founded in 2004, is currently “the largest decentralized P2P network in the world, driving 22% of upstream and 3% of downstream traffic globally.”

The first version of the token will reportedly be available to the users of the M.S.Windows-based program “µTorrent Classic”, which is regarded to be the most popular application the company ever released, as per the announcement.

It is worth reminding that the roadmap for TRON and BitTorrent’s mutual integration has been formalized as an initiative dubbed “Project Atlas.”, When both of the aforementioned names disclosed more extensive details of their joint plans in last September, unveiling that their tokens in the ecosystem would be used as incentives.

TRON (TRX) was reported to have ranked as the 10th largest cryptocurrency by market cap yesterday, continuing around $0.02, up 4.29 percent on the day, as the CoinMarketCap data showed.

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