Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks Data Center in Argentina

Bitcoin ransomware recently attacks a data center in Argentina that hacks local government files, and managing to decrypt a decade of encrypting data.

10 December, 2019 | AtoZ Markets – The attack was reported two weeks ago on November 25, according to Argentina’s Minister of Science and Technology, Alicia Bañuelos. Bañuelos revealed some details about the incident during a recent meeting with the Agencia de Noticia de San Luis. It is the leading digital news agency of the government.

Hackers using Bitcoin Ransomware in Argentina   

In an interview on December 2, she revealed that hackers invaded a government-operated data center and encrypted about 7,700 GB of data. According to her assessment, this is about ten years of information. However, in the week following the attack, the government managed to recover the majority of encrypted data, about 90%.

Mr. Bañuelos added that the work is still far from finished and that the complete decryption of files will take at least 15 additional days. The amount of encrypted information was huge, hence the delay in recovering data.

As with all ransom attacks, the hackers demanded payment, and they wanted it gave in the form of Bitcoin. Bañuelos did not disclose the exact amount requested. But some reports insist that the amount was between $ 37,000 and $ 370,000 (5-50 BTC).

Hackers manage to target the private sector with this type of attack. And they will attack any business, individual or entity to be paid. Even governments have become popular targets for this type of attack.

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Other Hack Attack

Finally, many people still remember the ransomware known as WannaCry, which hit the world two years ago. The ransom, again, demanded BTC payments. At the time, the attack did not target a company, a government, a group, or even the country in particular. They have hacked anyone and anything, with little discrimination. It is still one of the most devastating cyberattacks in history.

Nowadays, however, hackers seem to be attacking specific targets, such as the Spanish security multinational Prosegur. The firm was attacked with a ransom known as Ryuk. The attack took place just a few weeks ago. But Ryuk was at the time a well-known ransomware because he has collected over 705 bitcoin in the last five to six months.

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