Bitcoin Payments for Venezuela Passport Reportedly Now Disabled

The Venezuelan government through the Immigration Bureau SAIME recently use the BTC payment option for passport applications. However, Bitcoin payments for Venezuela passport applications have been temporarily suspended from today.

26 June, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – The Venezuelan government has recently been testing its ability to accept Bitcoin as payment for the issuance of passports and other official documents for citizens living abroad. BTC payment option that can use for passport application on the official website of Administrative Service for Identification, Migration, and Foreigners (SAIME). SAIME is responsible for the Venezuelan Citizen Registration Service.

Venezuelan Officials Suspended the BTC Payment Method Without Explanation

However, authorities have disabled the BTC payment method without explanation. According to social media post by people, SAIME “temporarily disable” Bitcoin payment method for Venezuela passport from today.

Nevertheless, several users from various countries confirmed via social media recently that BTC’s payment method showed on SAIME’s website. But from today, payment options have been blocked. Some Twitter post also suggests that the Venezuelan government may only be testing the payment method.

Bitcoin payment options may be a response to the recent difficulties Venezuela has faced in cross-border payments. This is particularly difficult for public state businesses due to the unilateral economic sanctions imposed by the US government on Venezuela.

Using Bitcoin with Venezuelan government agencies is a big step. Later, other government agencies may accept similar payment methods. The country’s own cryptocurrency, Petro, used in many areas, but the open acceptance of Bitcoin is a positive development for the digital revolution.

The crypto adoption in Venezuela has also become a way to avoid economic sanctions on crypto. The government has already made it possible to pay at Petro for public services such as paying for gasoline.

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