Bitcoin Google Searches Decline in 2019

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency searches on Google and Yahaoo Finance were far fewer than they were in the summer, according to Google Trends data and Yahoo. Bitcoin google searches have declined in 2019.

25 December, 2019 | AtoZ Markets – This year has been an interesting year for cryptocurrencies. Some will say it was not as bad as the crypto winter of 2018. And others will note that it was not as good as in 2017. One thing is sure, since the all-time Cryptos price highs, interest in cryptocurrencies has diminished. Since Google searches for bitcoins declined significantly in 2019. According to Google reports, searches for "bitcoin" are 32% fewer than last year.

Bitcoin Searches Were Huge in 2017 

During the 2017 bull market, interest in terms like "bitcoin" and "cryptocurrency" peaked as far as searches were concerned on the Google Trends scale. After December 17, the scale reached 100 for searches on the word "bitcoin" and has not reached this figure since. Searches for the Bitcoin are currently in line with the number of searches performed in the spring of 2017.

During May 7 until  May 13 2017, Google Trends hit ten and today the scale is around 8. During May 2019, searches for this word reached a minimum of seven but started to go up again in the months after. Data shows that in mid-June, people searching for the word "bitcoin" peaked to 26.

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Bitcoin Google Searches Interest by Region

The term "bitcoin" has a higher concentration of queries in countries like:

  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Ghana, Austria
  • Saint Helena
  • The Netherlands
  • Slovenia
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Australia

However, the searches for "bitcoin + news" have a different perspective. In the last five years, Google Trends data show that the leading countries for this terms are Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Cyprus. Searches for the term "bitcoin cash" are the most important subject. And the first linked query according to Google's data over five years is followed by "Ethereum" and "IOTA".

Despite the lack of searches for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, queries for the term "Bitcoin halving " have jumped since August. The current block subsidy for digital currencies BTC and BCH will be cut in half by spring 2020. This event could be the key to maintaining some public interest, as the halving will significantly affect the billion-dollar mining industry.

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