How Bitcoin Gold Launch problems impact BTG price?

Today, the team behind Bitcoin Gold project has eventually launched the cryptocurrency. Yet, the start was not as smooth as expected. How Bitcoin Gold Launch problems impact BTG price?

13 November, AtoZForex The latest fork of the Bitcoin Blockchain is now officially live. The developers of the project Bitcoin gold have published software for the cryptocurrency today. The development team has released the code on GitHub as well.

Bitcoin Gold Project

The project Bitcoin Gold aims to block the use of the specialized chips for mining. Earlier last week, the team behind Bitcoin Gold has revealed plans to officially launch Bitcoin Gold on Sunday. As a matter of fact, the team has initiated Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork weeks before.

The process has begun in July, and in October, the Bitcoin Gold developers team has taken a “snapshot” of the Bitcoin blockchain. The team planned to further recreate and reconfigure the Bitcoin blockchain with new rules, thus creating Bitcoin Gold at block 491,407 on the original Blockchain.

The launch of Bitcoin Gold ends a long period of the development for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Gold appears as the latest example of so-called “airdropped” cryptocurrency. The team behind the project will distribute new coins to the holders of Bitcoin at the time of the split. Alternatively, the coins will be distributed up until the date the ledger of transactions will start to fluctuate.

How Bitcoin Gold Launch problems impact BTG price?

Currently, public mining for the Bitcoin Gold has begun. In fact, at the moment, several mining pools are opening their doors for collaboration with the BTG launch. However, the process of distributing the software appeared with some issues.

Reportedly, some of the users faced problems connecting their nodes to the other computers on the network. Moreover, others apparently have received spam messages with links to fake software clients.

As markets might have expected, the trading appetite has increased prior to the launch. This is potentially connected with the fact that several cryptocurrency exchanges have launched futures tied to BTG. The price of BTG tied futures has experienced critical volatility in the past days. Earlier this weekend, the price has exceeded $500.

Bitcoin Gold Launch problems

As of now, BTG futures are changing hands at $277.19. The value has experienced a decline of more than 25% in the course of the last 24 hours.

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