Bitcoin Crypto-jackers Shut Down Canadian University’s Network

November 07, 2018 | AtoZ Markets

St. Francis Xavier University in Canada announced in a statement that it had to shut down its whole network in the campus, after discovering that hackers had snuck to its servers and planted a malicious software for running their bitcoin crypto-jacking operation.

In the details, the statement that the Nova Scotia-based university released, read the following: “In consultation with security specialists, [we] purposefully disabled all network systems in response to what we learned to be to be an automated attack on our systems known as ‘crytpocoin mining,’” the statement reads.

The university noted that the hackers could not gain access personal information as part of the attack, whereas the latter still caused the campus some troubles.

The solution immobilised the university’s life

The university clarified that shutting down its network made it impossible to use the Wi-Fi, or carry out any financial transaction, stressing that the system is still suffering from the ramifications of the attack, amid expectations that it gets back to service shortly.

Crypto-jacking have been in the news recently for months, where the media had reported last February that a group of researchers in the UK found out that many governmental websites were infected with malicious programs for mining Monero, while the Indian government computers were not safer, as per the recent news.

In a similar incident, the University College London was also under attack, where an anonymous student hijacked the campus network for mining 30,000 Dogecoin, (about $25 bucks at the time).

Other similar incidents reported that anonymous students used their dorm rooms for running micro-scale Ethereum and Bitcoin mining operations.

It is worth mentioning in this context that RWTH Aachen University unveiled in a research that Monero crypto-jackers make about $250,000 each month.

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