Bitcoin Cash Meetups in Japan Goes Virtual as Coronavirus Goes Viral

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Bitcoin Cash committee meetup groups in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, have announced they will be offering a virtual option for those wishing to avoid crowded places and to participate digitally, while still supporting merchants.

March 17, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Online conferencing allows individuals to attend events in case they are prevented from attending in person due to visa issues, travel costs, or other reasons. Put differently, such a format increases accessibility and inclusion by reducing barriers to participation.

The coronavirus outbreak has already has given many the opportunity to utilize modern technology to continue global meetings uninterrupted. For example, Japan’s crypto community is using this method to organize meetups without having to attend physically.

Japan Bitcoin Cash meetups go virtual due to coronavirus

According to sources, the Bitcoin Cash meetup groups in Tokyo and Osaka will allow its members to join their regularly scheduled events virtually. At the time of writing,  Japan has less than 1000 reported cases of infection.

Notwithstanding, companies, and organizations are starting to offer alternatives and a more suggestive language in their announcements. The goal, of course, is to prevent the spread of the virus before it gets out of control.

The Bitcoin Cash Meetup group from Tokyo found this troubling. The Meetup group originally had two meetings scheduled for March. However, both meetings were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they sought a solution, and organizer Akane Yokoo eventually came up with the alternative. He has notified the community today that the meetup will take place virtually.

The first meetup will take place tomorrow, March 18th, and it will last from 7.30 pm. The plan is to hold regular meetups every Wednesday at the same time when the physical events would take place.

Is meeting together in person still possible?

Not only are physical meetups advised against, they are also made difficult. The reason is due to the lack of high-demand items, such as masks, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and alike. These items are still not as available in the country as they were before the virus outbreak.

However, Yokoo suggested that visiting meetings in person was also possible for those taking necessary precautions:

“Even though we do not want to encourage members to go out and get sick, members should be free to do whatever they choose to do. If they choose to get together physically, the merchants are open for business as usual.”

Blockchain and crypto conferences around the world have been planning similar methods of organizing meetups. While trying to prevent the virus from spreading, many companies have advised or even ordered that their employees work from home.

While many events were able to move to a virtual world, this was, unfortunately, not possible for all of them, even in Japan. For instance, Google canceled its Cloud Next event due to coronavirus concerns. Therefore, it would hold as a digital event, with “streamed keynotes, breakout sessions, interactive learning and digital ‘ask an expert’ sessions with Google teams.”

The conference should hold in San Francisco on April 6 to 8. As the organizer canceled the conference, participants are eligible for a refund.

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