Bitcoin and Blockchain Jobs Rise in The U.S

Jobs related to Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies have quadrupled in the United States over the period of a year. This was the outcome of of a research conducted by a job site – Glassdoor.

October 2018 | AtoZMarkets – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have enjoyed huge popularity since last year. The blockchain technology through which Cryptocurrency transactions are done has been vastly used even out of the Cryptocurrency scope. It was earlier reported that the Kenya government plans to adopt blockchain technology to distribute 500,000 homes in its new housing project. The blockchain technology uses codes that ensure speed, transparency and privacy with no interference. These qualities have attracted wider appeal from amateur enthusiast, speculators, developers, venture capitalists and even major corporations who are hoping to gain from the technology and Crypto assets worth. The ripple effect of this is more job opening for tech talents.

According to Glassdoor, there were 1,775 blockchain-related jobs openings in the United States as of August. This was recorded to be a 300% increase over the same period last year.

Blockchain Jobs in Inverse correlation with Bitcoin Price

The fall of Cryptocurrency market capitalization this year has not stopped the emergence of more blockchain related firms. Blochchain technology is still in high demands as start-ups, corporations and even governments have bought into the idea. For example, Bitcoin fell from above $20000 to $7000 last month but the number of job openings within the same time has skyrocketed. Job listings which was 693 in January according to the survey, almost tripled in August at 1,175. According to the survey:

Despite the price volatility over the year, continued growth in job openings suggests that blockchain employers remain confident in the market opportunity and continue to make long-term investments in their teams

Survey Statistics

Who are the biggest employees?

According to the survey, in terms of the biggest employers, several of the top listing employers are start-ups. Consensys (a start up) and IBM lead the way with 214 openings each taking 24% of the total share while Coinbase (another start-up) in a distant third has just 4% with 63 job openings.

What Are The Top In-demand Roles?

The survey reveals that the most in-demand roles bitcoin and blockchain companies are hiring for, are predominantly technical and engineering roles. Software engineer is the most in-demand position by far with 19% of total listings, followed by front-end engineer and technology architect.

Where Are The Jobs Most Concentrated?

In terms of where to get a job related to bitcoin and blockchain in the US, New York city leads followed by San Francisco’s Silicon valley with both having almost 45% of the US bitcoin and blockchain roles.

What Is The Pay Like?

The average salary for blockchain-related roles is $84,884 per year which is 62% higher than U.S average pay of $52,664. Meanwhile, the highest salary is $223,667 while the least is $36,046 per year.

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