Binance lists winner of "Community Coin 7" "Pundi X" (NPXS)

Zac Cheah, PuniX's CEO is most likely already celebrating this binance listing, which was concluded on the 20th of June, at 3AM UTC. The source of this news is the official binance twitter account.

What is "Community Coin of the Month"?

Seven months ago Binance started to engage with the various communities and began to offer free listings to crypto assets that get the community support. The community uses the proprietary Binance token to cast their votes, with 0.1 BNB per vote.

Congratulations to PundiX

They will have some great news to share with people attending the Blockchain for Finance Conference, where Zac Cheah will be speaking today on the stage where he will have the opportunity to pitch PundiX in front of 250 blockchain and crypto conference attendees.

This development win undoubtedly influence PundiX's prices and we are likely to see a significant increase in trading volume and value over the course of this next week as a result of Binance listing NPXS.

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