Will Binance delist BCHSV? CZ threatens Craig Wright

April 12, 2019, | AtoZ Markets Changpeng Zhao the CEO of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange threatens to delist Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) from the platform, after the rising conflict between Dr. Craig Wright and Hodlonaut. Will Binance delist BCHSV?

Twitter war escalates: #Faketoshi vs Real Satoshi claims

The conflict started when BitcoinMagazine published an article stating that Craig Wright has intentions to sue the person behind the idea of Lightning Torch, a Norwegian bitcoiner under the nickname Hodlonaut. Craig Wright is a supporter of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision and notoriously known for claiming to be the real Bitcoin founder-Satoshi Nakamoto.

Hodlonaut accused Craig Wright of being a fraudster and started a serious battle of words on Twitter between himself, Wright and his fans. Hodlonaut is not the only person who does not believe in Wright statements. The cryptocurrency community does not believe that Craig Wright is Satoshi. In fact, several hashtags have surfaced in response to the claims #Faketoshi and #CSWFraud. Wright has been known for his aggressive stance to those who try to disprove the claims that he is Nakamoto. In BitcoinMagazine ‘s article, Craig promised to sue anyone that refutes the claims he is not Satoshi and was demanding an apology from Hodlonaut. According to the media resources, Wright offered $5000 worth of BSV to anyone who would divulge information about Hodlonaut’s identity.

Will Binance delist BCHSV? BSV project in brief

The Bitcoin SV project is an alternative version of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which Wright supports. BSV is still listed on a limited number of markets, with relatively small trading activity in Binance. The SV bitcoin community tried to disown Wright because of his aggressive stance. However, the project does not see great popularity, with the exception of inviting miners. On Friday, BSV was trading at $ 71.09. With a volume equivalent to 156 million dollars. In value terms, BSV was left behind BCH, reaching prices above $ 300.

Who is Hodlonaut? Craig Wright’s hunt on Hodlonaut

Craig Wright, a chief scientist of nChain, has been at the center of much controversy. Mainly due to his tireledless claims that he is the creator of Bitcoin. However, until now, Wright has failed to confirm his statements. The BSV supporter has never managed to successfully transfer funds from Genesis bitcoin wallet, which many consider being the only factor determining the true Satoshi.

A few weeks ago, Wright closed his Twitter account, accusing him of defaming Hodlonavt and many others. As mentioned earlier, Wright offered $5,000 to anyone who could provide personal information that identifies Hodlonaut in real life.

Binance CEO CX threatens BCHSV

Anonymity is a virtue the cryptocurrency community values. Which is why an angry mob ready to provide other users’ personal information in exchange for certain values is dangerous. However, Wright doesn’t look better against their background.

Despite all that, Hodlonaut received massive support from numerous Twitter users. Many users wishing to support the anonymity of the Twitter users, by changing their avatars to the astronaut’s cat of Hodlonaut and using the hashtag #weareallhodlonaut.

In response to the rising conflict, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao expressed his opinion on this issue, threatening to remove BSV from the exchange, if Craig Wright does not cancel Hodlonaut’s hunt.

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