Belize's IFSC Lists Expired Brokers

The Belize's IFSC has published a list of financial service providers that are no longer licensed to operate in the country.

February 11, 2019 | AtoZ Markets - The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize has recently issued a list of Forex brokers, asset managers and binary option brokers whose license to operate in the country have been revoked. This announcement took effect from 1st January 2019. IFSC has therefore warned that any professional investment services provided by these firms to Belize's clients, without proper authorization, would be considered a criminal offence. The commission however, has not given any all-inclusive reasoning for revoking these firms' licenses.

The List of Affected Firms

The commission, which has had its own share of unlicensed firms operating within its jurisdiction has now published the domain names of these firms which are as follow.

  1. Agros Investments Limited
  2. Allied Asset AG (Belize) Limited
  3. Alpha Capital Management Limited
  4. Always Rich Global Limited
  5. Arosemena and Diaz Trust (Belize) Limited
  6. ATC Services (Belize) Ltd.
  7. Belize Offshore Formation Limited
  8. Belize Offshore Incorporation Limited
  9. Belize Offshore Solutions Limited
  10. Bluemax Global Ltd.
  11. Bondex Global Limited
  12. BP Global Limited
  13. Capital Market Solutions Inc.
  14. Choice Trust Limited
  15. CST Financial Services Ltd.
  16. Delwyn Trading Limited
  17. E-Pay Services Limited
  18. Financials Worldwide Inc.
  19. Finpro Holdings Inc.
  20. FirstFX Global Limited
  21. Fort Financial Services Ltd.
  22. FX4WIN International Limited
  23. FXGroup International Ltd.
  24. G.E.B. Global Equity Brokers (Belize) Limited
  25. Georgetown Administrative Services Limited
  26. Green Investment House Corp.
  27. IFA FX Ltd.
  28. IIG Ltd.
  30. Keyforce Management Limited
  31. Marigold Global Markets Corporation
  32. Marilyn Williams
  33. Maxi Services (Belize) Ltd.
  34. MB Trust Limited
  35. Mercury Limited
  36. NPBFX Limited
  37. OR Capital Ltd.
  38. OWA Trust Ltd.
  39. Pacific 2000 Securities Ltd.
  40. PMA Agents Limited
  41. Remit Now International Limited
  42. Safe Gold International (Belize) Limited
  43. Salma Markets Companies Corp.
  44. Sandpiper Investments Limited
  45. Servicios Bursátiles Internacionales Ltd
  46. Stephen L. Thompson
  47. Tyrsis Trust Limited
  48. ZB Forex Ltd.

In a world where there is a high growing demand for digital assets, institutions and financial commissions are making adjustments on their policies. Most forex brokers have added cryptocurrencies to the list of their instruments. The Belize's financial watchdog, has joined its counterparts in other countries in monitoring and accessing companies that are involved in crypto-related activities. Just recently, Alpari closed down its subsidiaries in Belize.

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