ATC Brokers Introduces PAMM Plus Technology: All-in-One Solution for Money Managers

Are you also looking for a solution that overcomes the current MAM and PAMM limitations? FCA regulated Forex brokers, ATC Brokers introduces PAMM Plus technology, an all-in-one and multi-account solution to streamline the operations of money managers.

1 February, ATC Brokers – The FCA regulated and premier brokerage firm, ATC Brokers introduced today the PAMM Plus technology. An innovative, all-in-one, multi-account manager software engineered to streamline operations for money managers in the foreign exchange market.

The software solution overcomes traditional MAM and PAMM limitations. Also, it allows money managers to execute trades, and manage multiple clients through one master account with multi-currency capabilities.

Video - ATC Brokers Introduces PAMM Plus Technology 

“Our firm continues to implement innovative technology within the industry,” said Jack Manoukian, Co-Founder of ATC Brokers. “We believe that the PAMM Plus addition to our product line reinforces our commitment to providing clients with software that enhances their trading experience.”

Built inside a powerful ECN engine, ATC Brokers' PAMM Plus technology allows account holders to:

  • Be able to adjust participation levels;
  • Ability to set stop equity loss limits;
  • Unsubscribe or Subscribe immediately during market hours without affecting other participants;
  • In as swiftly manner send one batch order to liquidity providers, and one price is allocated to all participants in real time.

PAMM Plus utilizes smart logic for position allocation, detecting changes made to client funds upon order placement. Moreover, the sophisticated and innovative back office portal will provide money managers access to real-time multi-layer payouts, reporting, monitoring and tracking of account activity. Visit ATC Brokers' website for more information on the PAMM Plus technology.

About ATC Brokers

ATC Brokers is an FCA regulated and premier brokerage that provides online trading solutions within the FX market, servicing retail clients to institutional relations. The broker's offerings eliminate conflict of interest to clients and provide for a neutral trading environment.

ATC Brokers believes the Forex market ought to be unbiased and more transparent for all market participants. It is due to this vision of ATC Brokers that the brokerage decided to establish a pure agency model, in order to provide clients with services that are free of manipulation.

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