Argentina G20 Meeting Cryptocurrency Discussion Outlook

G20 nations are going to meet next week in Argentina, while two separate discussions are expected. In this Argentina G20 meeting cryptocurrency discussion outlook we look over the potential talking points for the upcoming event.

16 March, AtoZForex – The G20 meeting will comprise two different discussions in relation to cryptocurrencies already next week. The nations are set to talk about this innovative market in a bid to reach what representatives call a “common response” on regulation.

Argentina G20 Meeting Cryptocurrency Discussion Outlook

One of the media representatives for the G20 summit next week that will take place in Argentina stated that the first meeting will be held on Monday. The talks will include the Argentina Treasury Minister Nicolás Dujovne and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Secretary-General José Angel Gurría, among others.

The next discussion will come the next day, on Tuesday, according to the reports.

The agenda for the two discussions still has not been released, as the exact key talking points as still unknown, too. However, there is a public document that signals that the discussions will be related to the implications of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the potential applications of its underlying technology, Blockchain, will be discussed. The document reads:

“The issue is an important item on the meeting agenda; delegates will consider a common response that would mitigate the risks without discouraging innovation.”

Countries Call for Crypto regulation discussion

The document also notes that Blockchain “has the potential to promote financial inclusion.” However, it also argues that “it is important to analyze its implications to financial stability, tax evasion and financial illegal activities.”

Financial authorities from Germany, the US, Japan, and France have all previously called for the talks to take place. Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary stated that he is concerned about the topic of cryptocurrency usage in illicit activities, such as money laundering.

The officials from Germany and France have written a letter back in February that outlined some potential cryptocurrency risks for investors. French finance minister Bruno Le Maire, German finance minister Peter Altmaier and the governors of those countries’ central banks have sent a letter to the Argentinian government.

In the letter, they have raised the concerns in regards to the impact of cryptocurrencies. The officials have stated that cryptocurrencies“could pose substantial risks for investors.”

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