Apple bans Apple Store Binary Options Applications

Is the end of Binary Options getting closer? The most recent decision by Apple to ban Apple Store Binary Options Applications is a sound indicator. See the details below

9 June, AtoZForex - Everybody wants to use mobile advertising as much as they can. Just like myself, everybody nowadays spend more and more time on their mobile devices than any other tech device ever before. We make calls, send sms, use whatsapp, facebook, instagram and even trade with our smart phones. Smart phones are also an amazing opportunity for fraudsters. They use applications and creative advertisements based on your tracked data and get you give your money away.

After the Europol binary options summit, AtoZForex commented that there will be extra measures taken against binary options. As Apple bans Apple Store Binary Options Applications, we believe that more binary options regulator bans as well as operational limitations will follow soon.

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Based on the latest Apple guideline update for the App Store for iOS devices, Binary options apps will no longer be allowed. Apple’s decision is a dramatic change affecting the entire binary options.

The updated document clearly outlines :

"All applications facilitating binary options trading are NOT permitted on the App Store”

End of Apple Store Binary Options Applications

Apple’s latest binary options application does not mean that you can not go on to a binary options websites. This ban just means that on App Store for the iOS products you will no longer have the opportunity to see new and updated Binary Options applications.

Indeed, Apple has issued further recommendations for the app providers, including Binary Service providers. These binary options related app recommendations suggest app providers to switch to web-based applications. This means that, mobile iOS Binary Options applications will no longer be able to use psychology based pressure to push traders make unconscious decisions lead by greed and fear.

In general, Binary Options Mobile Apps send push notifications, quite often these notifications are also non-compliant! You would see messages such as the following:

  • “Google stock just moved 3%, 70% traders are short on Google”
  • “X number of traders just placed a put order on Gold”
  • “Julia just made $2495 with her Gold trade”

Binary Options Scams

Indeed, when a trader sees that someone has bought or sold something, he unconsciously gets to be curious. This is indeed what Binary Options scams are all about.

They use proven methods from casinos behavioral patterns under the name of financial product.

If you are seeing Julia “making” $2495 you subconsciously have the same feeling as going to a casino and hearing the coin sound on a slot machine. You unconsciously want to get in. You want to be Julia!

New Era for Binary Options media exposure?

Apple's latest Binary Options iOS App ban is probably one of the worst signals for the reputation of the Binary Options industry. It also comes in line with many leading financial regulator’s fining binary options brokers and squeezing them to obey compliance rules. Meanwhile, Binary Options incidents such as a Canadian Binary Options Trader killing himself  (WARNING SENSITIVE ARTICLE) due to Binary Options Broker scam pushes more and  more traders away of the industry. All in all many brokers struggle to attract new traders and also retain their existing traders.

Will my iPhone trading app stop working?

Bare in mind that if you have an iPhone or iPad Binary Options app you will still be able to use it. Of course, how long is the main question.

The new ban just means that new updates as well as new binary options apps won’t be allowed on App Store.

Apple Binary Options App ban reasons

Technology firms don’t take ban decisions without careful considerations. In general, Apple would only ban an app if they start receiving too many complaints from users. However, in case of Apple Binary Options apps ban case, we are not talking of one app but the entire Binary Options industry apps being banned.

The total ban on Binary Options iOS Apps can have only one explanation:

Massive binary option trader user complaints!

In the last few months, regulators started to take strong stance on Binary options brokers. These strict measures added extra cost on regulated binary options firms, as a result many of them shut their doors and even more started to move in to offshore jurisdictions. Thus, Apple decided to take action to protect their tech users.

Since regulatory authorities have not been efficient enough in preventing binary options fraud, Apple has taken matters into its own hands and decided that wiping out the product from the App Store as a whole.

What is your take on Binary options? Share your opinion with us.

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