Apexum CEO Layth Sanjaq resigns: What next for Apexum?

Who will be heading Apexum as the next CEO? After Apexum CEO Layth Sanjaq resigns. We have reached out to Mr. Sanjaq for a comment in regards to his resignation. Will he be remaining active within the Forex market?

25 February, AtoZForex  This year's nominated technology provider, Apexum, is undergoing a transformation in its top management team. A certified financial services professional, Layth Sanjaq, has resigned from his role of Chief Executive Officer at Apexum.  After, Mr. Sanjaq had recently joined Apexum in October 2016.

Apexum CEO Layth Sanjaq resigns and remains in the FX spectrum

Layth Sanjaq is currently heading FXBuilders, the B2B sector company founded by him. The company caters specialized services to Forex brokers. Moreover, it provides robust software solutions to address the various operational needs of forex brokers. The former Apexum CEO Layth Sanjaq resigns with the following remarks on his resignation:

“Joining the B2B sector has been a fulfilling experience at different levels. The FX B2B sector is an evolving open space for creativity where synergies, as well as competition between contributors, lead to the collective benefit of the entire industry. We managed to reach some milestones at Apexum, but my journey there had to come to an end. I am currently working on some projects in and out the FX spectrum.”

Layth Sanjaq's career in the Forex industry

Mr. Layth Sanjaq has more than 10 years of experience in the operational, functional, and technical aspects of the retail side of the Forex market. He started the journey of his forex career as a dealer in 2000 and worked his way up to managerial roles. During his tenure, Mr. Sanjaq successfully built and led teams of Back Office, Support and IT, Sales, and Marketing with proven results. He also has a passion for the management of technical aspects such as FX liquidity and ECN platforms.

Prior to joining Apexum in October of last year, he served as a founder of FXBuilder. Moreover, he has been a Head of Operations for more than four years at Orbex in Cyprus. In addition, Mr. Sanjaq headed FXCC as an Acting Managing Director and Head of Back Office in Cyprus. He has also been Head of Operations at FXCBS in Dubai for over two year.

Who will be heading Apexum as the next CEO?

Mr. Mo Musleh will be taking the interim CEO role after Mr. Sanjaq’s resignation. Mr. Musleh became a founder of Apexum in July 2015. He was also a founder of Avaz, a UAE-based one of the fastest growing Affiliate Networks online. In addition, Mo Musleh has served as a Director at FXCC in Cyprus for more than three years.

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