Boosted By Tremendous Growth Antares Platform Plans To Launch An IPO by Q1 2022

Antares Platform Plans plans to launch an IPO in the first quarter of 2022 and hopes to get listed on leading exchanges in London and Hong Kong.

04 August, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Today there are thousands, if not millions of multi-level marketing companies around the globe. MLM marketing popularly known as network or referral marketing has gained popularity over the past few years thanks to its ability to cut out costs when it comes to promoting and advertising any products. Network marketing allows businesses to go nationwide or even explode globally due to a large number of distributors, something that isn’t possible using traditional business models. 

Add the fact that referral marketing companies can eliminate overhead costs associated with traditional business models like having to pay sales people before a sale is made, inventory, distribution, equipment costs, building lease, and many more, and you see why this business model is growing tremendously.

This fast growth has seen the rise of platforms like Antares, a project that is using MLM marketing to promote investment in digital products and startups, thereby offering financial freedom and business education to those that are involved with the platform.

The project plans to launch an IPO in the first quarter of 2022 and hopes to get listed on leading exchanges in London and Hong Kong. The company will issue 1 million Antares tokens (ANT) with a starting price of $10. The IPO is part of its expansion plans that will see the company reach around 100 organizations by 2025, with the number of partners expected to be around 50,000,000.

Antares thrives on two underlying principles, with the first one being developing a progressive community that is based on the referral system that each partner of the company can utilize to make an unlimited source of income. This community is based on a few core values like respect, equality, volunteerism, service, support, awareness, and recognition. And each member is provided with exclusive affiliate-based tools that help them generate active and passive income.

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The second principle involves creating a model that develops, scales and promotes startups, investment, and MLM companies to the market through the use of a network distribution model. This model has been successfully supporting many different companies by integrating a referral system to promote traditional business models, thereby helping them reduce their marketing costs. As a result, this has helped these companies improve their financial performance.

For a company to qualify as a partner on the Antares platform, it has to undergo several multi-stage audits based on 138 parameters.

Affiliate Programs On Offer

Antares offers several affiliate programs. The first one is the Binary Profit Team, which is a marketing strategy that uses a referral systems model. This affiliate model is used to promote Catalyst, a sustainable, reliable, and profitable business. Catalyst was established in Singapore 25 years ago. It employs 100 leading traders in some of the most promising market segments.

The second affiliate program is the Synergy Profit Team, which uses MLM marketing based on a linear compensation marketing plan to promote Synergy group of companies. Synergy has been around only for a few months, and its parent company, Synergy International Group Limited is registered in New Zealand. Synergy has several investment products, including; the Synergy Device Program that allows users to buy different electronic devices with up to 80% discount and the Synergy Auto car program where one can buy a car with up to 60% discount. 

By 2021, Synergy plans to launch more programs including Synergy Refinancing – which will allow users to repay loans, Synergy Wedding, that helps users to get funding for their weddings, Synergy Travel, that will enable users to get up to 80% discounts to any travel destination around the globe, Synergy home which will be a housing program and many more.

According to the current setting, Synergy relies on Catalyst to manage its assets. Still, in the future, it plans to create other areas for profit like its own pool of traders, issuing loans backed by cars, buying and reselling property of bankrupt companies, and many more.

The third affiliate program is the Token Profit Team, whose purpose is to promote a tokenized option program for the Antares IPO. This will be achieved through the MLM model that is based on a linear compensation marketing plan. Its ecosystem will comprise of 9 products. The first will be Coin Capitalization for a cryptocurrency rate monitoring service. Then second is Anonymous, a wallet that will help users instantly convert cryptocurrencies into fiat and vice versa. The third is Buyex for acquiring and merchant services. The others include Antares Pay, Antares Broker, Antares Exchange, Antares Forex Bot, Antares Crypto Bot, and Antares Trading School.

The fourth affiliate program is the Line Profit Team, which is a marketing strategy for the Nexus Financial Management Limited. This program also uses a referral system that is based on a linear compensation marketing plan. Nexus is a product of Antares and has been in operation since 2010. Its hedge fund is involved in trading within a bunch of markets, including the crypto market, forex, stock market, commodity market, and venture capital investment with the help of analysts, professional traders, and managers.


According to a recent report by the AARP Foundation, the multi-level marketing industry is a $36 billion industry in the U.S. alone. However, only 27% of those that join the network industry make money, which is quite heartbreaking for many that invest valuable time and resources in the industry. But, the rise of platforms like Antares promises to change things up by offering more earning opportunities for everyone involved.


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