Alt Season + Black Friday, It’s Raining Money!

November 26, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – The Cryptocurrency market is exploding right now and the copy-trading platform, ProfitFarmers, that we recently reviewed is making the most of the explosion of Altcoins.

Black Friday Special Offer - $150 off!

ProfitFarmers are launching a special offer for BLACK FRIDAY.

New members get $150 off their first package with ProfitFarmers. That’s a huge 50% off a 1-month subscription!

Just use the coupon code BLACK-FRIDAY-MADNESS when you sign up and you will get the discount taken off your first bill immediately!

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You can learn more about this great offer by reading the ProfitFarmers Black Friday blog post.

Amazing Trading Results

ProfitFarmers was tipped as being the best way to take advantage of this recent bull-run and oh boy does it look like they were right!

According to their most recent trading signals results breakdown, 80% of their signals have been reaching Target 1 for peak gains of around 6% and over 60% of their signals have reached at least target 2 for a peak gain of 9% on average!

If it wasn’t for ProfitFarmers full transparency these results would be hard to believe!

Make the most of this special BLACK FRIDAY offer and give ProfitFarmers a try now!

Alt Season is here

Another reason to get started as soon as possible is that ‘alt season’ seems to have begun! This is the time where altcoins (coins that are not dominant like Bitcoin) begin to run prices up for crazy gains!

Usually, it can be hard to track the 100’s of different options but with ProfitFarmers everything is delivered directly to your dashboard so that you can just pick and choose from the best altcoins to buy right now!

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