Alpari RU announces exclusive deposit bonus for ex Alpari UK clients

Alpari UK,Alapri RU,BonusAt last more clarification has been provided on the long lasting Alpari UK case, with even the enactment of the a retention stunt, as Alpari RU announces exclusive deposit bonus of 30% for Alpari UK clients.

Ever since the SNB debacle, back on January 15th 2015, and Alpari Uk’s therafter announcement of insolvency, there has been a great degree of uncertainty about the entire situation. However with last week developments, Alpari Group owner, Andrey Dashin successfully purchased back Alpari UK’s intellectual property from KPMG. Putting an end to the highly rumoured probabilities of a take over by either one of the following industry giants; IronFX and Pepperstone.

Evidently this is a very brilliant move, since it provide the Alpari group to opportunity to maintain the property rights to the trademark “Alpari UK”. Moreover the domain name gives the maintenance to rights cutting across over 60 countries in continents across the globe.

After the sale, Alpari UK’s website now redirects to Alpari RU where the bonus offer is boldly stated. Below is a snapshot:

Alpari UK,Alpari RU,forex bonus

In relation to the administration of Alpari UK, KPMG assured clients whose funds were kept in segregated accounts that they will be refunded in reasonable time. On the other hand, the firm’s clients were getting more and more impatient, as reported in a previous of KPMG/Alpari Uk. The customers were anxiously seeking for clarity upon the entire situation. The majority of clients are of opinion that the appointed administrators are paying more attention to the actual sale of Alpari UK, therefore neglecting and placing the client refunds concern as secondary mission.

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