Alpari Japan preparing for final departure?

The Japanese arm of the famously bankrupt Alpari UK, has informed clients of a three week timeline to extract all necessary information from their MT4 terminals or Alpari Direct platforms between now and March 13 to acquire all necessary information like transaction reports.

This is because the future of Alpari Japan has not been determined and many possible options stay open, as stated by the company. This is in contradiction with previous claims of the company being close to a deal to sell the defunct broker. Bringing the curious question; Alpari Japan preparing for final departure?

Therefore, the servers of the company will no longer be available for access to clients by 13 March, hence prompting the company to inform clients to get all necessary information such as Transaction reports, customer report documents and all other sensitive documents.

On the other hand, Alpari RU is still holding strong as it has maintained its position as the largest FX broker in Russia holding 28.3% market share with 120,000 clients and controls 30.5% of total monthly turnover with $107B.

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