Aforex to re-brand and expand in the Asian market

Aforex, Amarkets, asia, Expansion, forex diversification, retail fxAForex Brokerage Company aims at stepping up its activities to a higher level, as Aforex to re-brand and expand in the Asian market.The company aims to position itself as a multi-asset financial services provider, due to the fact that traders are seeking diversification from FX trading and now are more looking at additional asset classes. Furthermore, it will serve the company well in terms of diversifying its exposure to foreign exchange volatility.

Being a popular and well represented brokerage company on the Russian market, AForex, has decided to have its logo changed and rebranded to AMarkets. Not only is the company aiming to expand its services geographically, its major objective is to remain strong in the region, whilst to continue its expansion in the lucrative Asian market.

A recent Report shows that a certain number of russian clients from the company, have already noticed the changes in both the logo and the name of the firm due to the recent press release. However, these changes do not reveal the whole story behind the move, as the company aims to widen its financial markets which it offers access to.

It is evident that Russian forex traders have recently expanded their interest into equity indices, PAMM accounts and binary options. This makes it imperative that the company highlights the widened variety of financial markets in which it offers access, in furtherance it is evident that the firm expands its operations outside of Russia and CIF countries.

A representative of AMarkets commented thus: “The main goal of the company is to increase the number of clients who are making money. In order to achieve this goal we have committed to increasing the amount of instruments which customers can trade.”

In the months ahead, AMarkets is targeting the Asian market and plans to go beyond its current position rapidly. In the meantime, AForex will continue to remain activity and focus, exclusively on the currency markets. The developments of Aforex to seek Asian expansion is aligned with its motive and strategy for diversifying into multi-asset classes.

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