ADS Securities London Limited CEO resigns

ADS Securities London Limited CEO resigns as a part of the restructuring within the firm. The set of changes is aimed at the increase in growth and efficiency. What is going to be implemented?

4 October, AtoZForexADS Securities LLC yesterday has informed the public about the string of changes in the company, with the purpose of the triggering growth and advancing control within the firm.

ADS Securities restructuring agenda

ADS Securities London Limited is about to be restructured, where more focus is about to be shifted to the operation, IT and administration functions at its corporate headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The firm will continue to serve as a regional base for the clients across the Europe and the UK while being supported by the ADS Securities system in the Middle East and Asia.

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james Watson, ADS securitiesThe shift in the corporate strategy of ADS Securities also puts into the picture the resignation of the ADS Securities London Limited CEO James Watson. However, Mr. Watson will stay with the firm now in the role of the Member of the Board of Directors. The role of Acting CEO is taken by the Deputy CEO Paul Webb, with the change being immediately in effect. James Watson has commented on the case:

“The company is exceptionally well positioned and I feel we have achieved significant milestones.”

The boost in growth is expected

Even though the ADS Securities’ corporate restructuring is anticipated to result in a number of job cuts, it will not have any influence on the firm’s ability to serve the clients or develop its business. The shifts are beneficial both for the clients and the firm, as the boost in growth is expected. Additionally, the planned focus on high revenue potential products and services is being achieved with the help of more efficient teams within the firm.

The Executive Managing Director, and the Global Head of Brokerage at ADS Securities, Marco Baggioli, has commented on the matter:

“The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge James Watson’s leadership and his many contributions to the growth and development of ADS Securities London Limited. His appointment to the Board means that ADS Securities London Limited will continue to benefit from his insight, experience, and extensive global network.”

As ADS Securities London Limited CEO resigns, Mr. Baggioli believes that ADS Securities’ business core essential are strong, yet the changes are needed. The rapidly developing market dictates its standards and it is vital to efficiently manage the resources.

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