New ADS Securities Head of Brokerage risk: - Fabian Chui

Abu Dhabi based AtoZ Forex Approved  Forex broker ADS Securities got a new team member. Fabian Chui is the new ADS Securities Head of Brokerage risk joining from IG group.

14 June, AtoZForex - Risk management is probably one of the if not the most important part of financial markets. The new ADS Securities head of brokerage risk, Fabian Chui  is the latest talent attracted to the gulf Forex community. Fabian Chui will be based in Abu Dhabi office of ADS Securities and will be closely working with the ADS Security teams in UAE, Hong Kong and London.

Who is the new ADS Securities head of brokerage risk?

If you are wondering about the background of the new ADS Securities head of brokerage risk here is a short experience review:

  • Previous job title: Before joining ADS Securities, Fabian Chui was the Head of Market Risk at IG Group. During his time in this post Fabian was responsible for risk policies and procedures at IG Group. In addition Fabian also oversaw the market risk appetite of the IG Group.
  • Professional experience: Fabian is not new to the Forex market. He has also priory worked as a Quant analyst, developing and implementing various strategies for the IG Group.

ADS Securities management

ADS Securities London was tested and approved by AtoZForex in December 2015. During the past 18 months AtoZ Forex have seen a strong attempt by the ADS Securities to grow and become stronger with a special focus on strategic growth.

Meanwhile the parent company, ADS holding is a well known brand in the UAE as well as the rest of the Middle East. Philippe Ghanem is the Chief Executive of ADS Securities global. Indeed Fabian Chui will also be reporting to Mr. Ghanem directly.

The company is one of the strongest Forex brokers in the world. They have a very strong capital base and an impressive executive team. With the new ADS Securities head of brokerage risk, the company aims to get stronger in their risk management and grow bigger.

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