ADS Securities clone website warning

The ADS Securities clone website warning was issued today, in order to safeguard its clients. What measures has the UAE based Forex broker taken to remedy the case?

9 March, AtoZForex – ADS Securities LLC, one of the leading Forex brokerages, asks clients to be aware of its clone website. Protecting the clients from being victims of the fraudulent, ADS Securities wants their clients to double check on the website they are using and to ensure that they access the appropriate company’s site via the URL

ADS Securities clone website warning

ADS Securities LLC is a multi-asset investment services company. With the headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the firm also has offices in Singapore, London, and Hong Kong. Furthermore, it is registered and regulated by the FCA in the UK and the SFC in Hong Kong with the authorization from the Central Bank of UAE. Additionally, ADS Securities London is an AtoZ approved Forex broker. Moreover, the company’s core business areas include commodity trading in precious metals along with Forex and brokerage services.

A clone website of ADS Securities has been created by some fraudsters with a similar web address as that of ADS Securities. In addition, the clone website claims to provide the same services to the clients as the ADS Securities provide. As a result, the clients can mistakenly access the clone website and can be victims by losing their funds. Furthermore, ADS Securities informs that they are not in any way connected or associated with their clone website. Considering the risk associated with this, ADS Securities has informed the appropriate authorities about the clone website.

What measures have ADS Securities taken?

Commenting about the clone website, Nader Abou-Guendia, Communications Director at ADS Securities, said:

“ADS Securities has asked clients to make sure they access the company’s website through the URL A website with a similar address, which claims to offer services mirroring those provided by ADS Securities, has been set-up and could be mistakenly accessed by clients.”

When asked further what measures have ADS Securities taken to resolve the matter, Nader commented the following:

“ADS Securities is not affiliated, connected, or associated in any way with this website. ADS Securities has contacted the appropriate authorities warning them about the website, and the potential risk it presents.”

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