Silicon Valley Powerhouse a16z launches free Crypto Startup School

Silicon Valley Powerhouse a16z announced the launch of a startup school for entrepreneurs wishing to develop cryptocurrency projects.

October 6, 2019, | AtoZ Markets - Andreessen Horowitz launched in 2009 a venture capital firm a16z. As a Silicon Valley Powerhouse, a16z quickly entered the top positions in the VC industry. Different from crypto fundraisers and accelerators, a16z crypto startup school will focus on inspiring and helping crypto startups and enthusiasts.  

A16z Free Crypto Startup School

At the TechCrunch Disrupt technology conference in San Francisco. Chris Dixon, general partner of the company, said that Andreessen Horowitz is not looking for equity from the participants. Instead, the company wants to help entrepreneurs apply the best practices in the industry. "We intend to run a startup school for crypto. To share what we have learned over the past seven years as best practices in this category," Dixon said at the conference.

It intended to inspire more technology entrepreneurs to start crypto projects and help crypto-curious builders navigate the maze of ideas. Referring to the so-called maze of ideas, the company has addressed the importance of good ideas for the startup industry. In the end, those ideas are well-developed multi-year plans that contemplate many possible routes depending on how the world changes.

Besides not taking equity, the Andreessen Horowitz crypto startup school will also be free. Dixon said that, however, he hopes that participators may end up having conversations about possible investments from Andreessen Horowitz. But it is not a requirement. The company has created a page on the company website for companies interested in signing up in the crypto starter school.

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What led Andreessen Horowitz to start a Crypto fund?

In June 2018, Andreessen Horowitz committed to crypto. When he launched a $ 300 million venture fund dedicated to investing in crypto companies run by Dixon and Katie Hau. Since then, the crypto arm has invested in projects like MakerDAO, Anchorage, and Ripple in 20 crypto companies in the previous five years. Before setting up a fund dedicated to crypto.

A source told Bloomberg that the Vanguard Group is experimenting with a new way for asset managers to trade currencies. Without having to go through large investment banks. The platform would be based on the blockchain technology that powers bitcoins and has been operating for two months.

Crypto Studies Double In 2019

According to the crypto exchange Coinbase, students' interest in cryptocurrencies doubled in 2019. The San Francisco-based company recently released its second annual report covering the state of crypto and blockchain in higher education. As part of its recruitment activities, Coinbase maintains regular contacts with students and universities around the world.

Furthermore, a survey conducted by London-based AdTech company Qriously revealed an increasing interest in industry and technology. Also, it added that this interest in the study of crypto in colleges and universities speaks very well of the future of money.

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