7MARKETZ Group acquires equity in CGCX.io

February 22, 2019 AtoZ Markets  - 7MARKETZ Group, a leading media holding in Blockchain and Fintech space that has helped to launch some of the most notable blockchain startups. The company has today announced equity acquisition in CGCX.io which is the world’s first fully insured Crypto Exchange. The transaction was closed successfully early February 2019 with the aim to further develop CGCX exchange and grow its market share in the crypto world.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange or CGCX is an advanced state of the art hybrid platform that aims to provide extensive and specialized actions for the everyday user trader. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is an all-in-one exchange which will have the participants to trade the different digital currencies through the platform. Furthermore, CGCX will aim to unify the transactional aspects in the crypto space by going beyond the typical exchanges.

Speaking of the partnership with 7MARKETZ Group, Anandh Swami, CEO of CGCX.io stated that:

"Our collaboration with 7MARKETZ will strengthen our ability to offer an enhanced customer experience for CGCX traders, as well as introduce CGCX to new markets. We're excited to combine the marketing expertise of 7MARKETZ Group with CGCX's fully insured crypto exchange ecosystem. It’s time for every cryptocurrency investor and trader around the world to have peace of mind with CGCX’s security and insurance of their digital assets."

In 2018 CGCX had a successful token generation event, in which the ICO has raised $32.5 million in the process, of which the funds are mainly used to develop the platform with further modules for additional blockchain solutions, and for the expansion into other countries. Moreover, CGCX.io has a solid financial base for the new spiral of development and recently also partnered with with the Archipelago Group and IBH Capital to form the World’s First Blockchain-Based Investment Bank.

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Moreover, Founder and CEO of 7MARKETZ Group, Yagub Rahimov also quoted,

“We support CGCX.io due to its revolutionary vision for a fully insured crypto exchange and want to help further develop the platform and grow the market share in the crypto world. Considering the public’s unease surrounding recent hacks in crypto exchanges, we aim to bring faith and safety to the crypto community, which will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption. This is an important step forward and we are excited to transform the future of trading.”

What CGCX.io platform consists of?

CGCX hopes to unique position itself in the crypto exchange market through the following four modules that will offer a more comprehensive range of services, these are as follows:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange- the CGCX exchange will facilitate automated market making, a dynamic order book, matching engine, exchange adapter and matching logic.
  • ICO listing- CGCX provides for listing of potential tokens or ICOs set to unravel
  • Merchant Solutions- as a means of convenience to the typical traders, the CGCX Merchant solutions provide the necessary tools and resources such as currency conversion, KYC protocols, and analytics to formulate essential trading services.
  • Smart Contracts- to enable automatic and transparent trading, the company provides smart contracts to replace escrow settlements and assure proven reliability among the parties.

About 7MARKETZ Group

7MARKETZ is a global FinTech media holding, delivering creative business solutions for startups and enterprises worldwide since 2010. With more than 50 successful fundraising campaigns and over 2540 projects, 7MARKETZ team combines various marketing approaches to lead projects to strategic objectives and tackle complex development challenges. Focusing on ultimate results, 7MARKETZ is ready to promptly pick up a project of any complexity and assist companies at any stage of their IT and marketing journey: from the early strategy drafts, brand development and profound business training to boosting the marketing campaigns.

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  1. Brian Scanlan says:

    Great article! Explains in layman’s terms what’s happening inside $CGCX. Their vision collaboration with 7 Markets will bring both companies into the Crypto markets with an unmatchable security and transparency! I only see Great things for my company! Hang on to your seats!


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